About Us

Who we are

Located in Central New York, Feast Kitchen produces minimally processed plant-based cuts and purees are available for wholesale to institutional organizations and commercial businesses. Our single-ingredient products are made from locally-sourced fruits and vegetables then frozen fresh to provide an excellent way to add deep savory and robustly sweet flavors to a variety of food and beverage products. The results are elevated input ingredients that can be used in sauces, curries, beers, baked goods, CPG products, and more without the considerable time cost.

person holding a green plant
Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com

Certified for Food Safety & Quality

Our sorbets and purees are processed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices under the guidance of our ServSafe, HACCP, and FSMA certified management team.

Sustainability Focused

As a sustainably-focused business, Feast Kitchen employs environmentally conscious manufacturing practices and responsible product sourcing. Our goal is to reduce stress on local resources and systems, while supporting the local agricultural economy. Where possible, Feast Kitchen works to up-cycle NY harvested produce to further support local farmers and help reduce the gap between food waste and food insecurity.