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Regenerative organic plant-based purees produced and frozen in small batches for wholesale distribution.

Elevated Input Ingredients

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Our Vision

Founding Pillars

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Bridge the gap between food insecurity and food waste

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Innovative and sustainable production, sanitation, and waste management

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Partnerships with regional agricultural businesses and long-term job creation to support the local economy

The Challenge

Food Waste by Numbers

$218 billion

spent per year growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of uneaten food

80 million  

tons of food sent to landfills per year


of the entire US food supply is wasted every year

50 million

people across the country suffer from food insecurity won

The Feast Kitchen Solution

Feast Kitchen cut produce and puree products are:

  • Sustainably produced using innovative sanitation techniques and the highest food safety standards
  • Locally-sourced and minimally processed
  • Chef-driven nutritionally-rich and elevated flavorful ingredient inputs
  • IQF frozen to preserve optimal flavor, color, texture and extend product shelf-life

Frozen Cuts & Purees

Product Applications

Baking & Confectionary
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Cocktails & Beverages
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Plant-Forward & Specialty Diets
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